Ever been locked out of your own house?

I was.. in fact, my family was – just last night.
We decided to go for a pasar malam trip but because my sister had to wake up early the next morning for school, so she stayed home for an early night in. We left, not realizing we hadn’t taken any of the house keys with us (we have this subconscious rule that the last person who leaves the house, takes the keys along – it was different that night, my sister locked the doors instead).
AND so.. we arrived home, oops, realized we didn’t have the keys with us. No biggie right? All we had to do was call home, wake sister up and get her to open the door for us. Wrong. That night, we found out that my sister was a heavy sleeper, either that, our doors are very well sound-proofed. 😛 We arrived home at about 11 pm.. rang the bell, called home.. no one picked up. Uh-oh. Basically, some hours after that were spent ringing the bell several (millions) of times, calling home endlessly – hoping my sister would at least stir from the extreme noise we were making.
Eventually, we got so tired, we decided to just rest outside our home – from the sitting down, to the sleeping upright, to the couldn’t-be-bothered-anymore sleeping flat on the corridor floors (btw, I live in a condo.. and yes, the hallways are CLEAN). Mind you, we still hadn’t given up on our sister – we still rang the bell another couple millions of times and phoned home.
It got to a point where it was simply too cold for us to be outside and we came to a conclusion that my sister was simply way too comfortably sleeping in her cosy bed to even realize what was going on, or something awful had happened to he. Believe me, we were very worried – with bizarre stories running through our heads. The things you think about when you’re worried sick, and not to mention, sleepy. 😛
At 3 am, we decided to head to church to sleep the rest of the night there instead – at least, we’d have pillows and couches there! 😛 We planned to wake up the usual time my sister should be up for school – 6 am, and try one last time. We rang, we bell-ed. Still nothing. My heart dropped. One phone call… two phone calls.. then the ringing stopped! It was almost unbelieveable. She finally woke up! 😛 The door was opened at last. We were too tired to bother to tell her anything, and the funny thing was, she didn’t even bother asking us anything! lol 😀
Needless to say, the subsequent hours were, of course, spent sleeping… in our cosy beds. 🙂

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