My Haircut Experience

I had my much needed haircut today…by a hunk 😉 It was my first try getting one at Sungai Wang – now, I know when I’d mention Sungai Wang, you’d start to picture a la-la chai or some ah beng typically found in that mall. Nuh uh, dead wrong. This guy’s way different – His hair wasn’t coloured bright blonde,or had wet spikes. It was dark brown (very much like mine) and though slightly spiked, it wasn’t sticking out like a porcupine’s. A true hunk – not too big like Mr. Universe, but not too scrawny either..he was shaped just right, and because he wore a white sleeveless shirt, his arms were very much visibly shown with its ‘bulges’, so to speak. Definitely one of the better few chinese-s I’ve seen in my days, in fact one could even think he had some Japanese/Korean blood in him. Only flaw: some red pimply spots on his face.
Now in all my years, I’ve always had some aunty or lady from some small shop to, umm…’style’, or more appropriately trim my hair ends. But this time, whooo.. imagine this, some hunky guy messing around with your hair, fluffing it, cutting it and styling it. It just didn’t feel right, lol, for me – though I was enjoying it 😉 My initial plan of just trimming the split ends, slowly evolved to him convincing me that a layered look was better, to me giving in to his plans. lol. The best part was seeing him twirl the scissors and the comb in one hand – so gaya. 🙂
If there were some award for a good hairstylist around town, I’d probably award it to him – well, apart from his rather good looks, but also the amount of attention he gave to every detail of cutting my hair, and by that, I mean, a lot of detail – the look of concentration on his face, measuring the lengths to be equal, even to some strands at a time. Wow.. I’d never expect that kind of treatment with the amount of money I paid for it. 😉
I was pretty satisfied with the outcome of it. If given the chance, I might visit him again.. lol. Who knows, by then I’ll be brave enough to ask for his name? lol 😉

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