Counting down to the next phase of my life

it’s 11.00pm – one hour to go and soon, I will be approaching a stage in life they call adulthood. Yep. I’m finally turning to that long awaited 21 tomorrow. On top of that, for some reason, I’m not particularly excited about it (as I should be). I know, ironic isn’t it? They say one can only turn 21 once in a lifetime and that number being such significant digits, I’m rather surprised myself at how I’m reacting towards my own birthday.
In case you might be wondering how I’m going to celebrate my ‘big’ day – I’ll be working at church from 8 am to a possibly late 4 – 5pm – painting banners for VBS, choir practice, musician practice, etc etc. lol. Not particularly exciting huh? Nope, didn’t plan a grand extravagant party to welcome my coming of age. Might possibly take the youth group out for lunch, maybe.. and will be having a small family dinner with an American couple at some restaurant. Yeah, it isn’t that great.. but y’know what? I’m pretty contented with it.Ā 
Birthdays come, birthdays go, after all, it’s just another date on the calendar. Really, nothing much to it. I guess tomorrow will just be a reminder to me that I am growing up, and it’s finally time to take up more responsibilities, to leave behind my childish immaturity and well, simply act my age. lol. No more excuses that I’m too young – that can’t work anymore. šŸ˜‰
lol. Not expecting much tomorrow. I’m happy. Parents have already given me the best birthday present ever. šŸ™‚ You don’t have to wish me a happy birthday or buy me presents, all I ask are your prayers – that from tomorrow, I will be a better person, one that seeks after God’s own heart, a filial daughter, a caring and compassionate medical student, a genuine friend, a great listener, a mentor to the younger ones…

Here’s to me, Happy 21st Birthday. šŸ™‚

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