One almost down, four more to go

Coming to an end of my 6th semester… and I can definitely tell you, it’s been one bumpy seemingly long ride. Met the nicest to the scariest teacher, the admirable ones, the dedicated ones.. to even the feared ones from clinical school, smelled the urine reeked stench of certain wards of the hospital, had my share of Seremban food poisoning… oh, the many many many things that had happened in these 6 months, if only I could really remember every bit of memories, both good and bad and tell them to you.. oh, I would try to post pictures up soon – to show you the glimpse of the lil’ ol’ town of Seremban (for it is definitely much more than just Siew Pau ;))
My first 6 months of really living away from home… I can honestly tell you, these were trying moments, and I have already been blessed such that I could cheat by returning home every weekend. You have no idea how many countless times I told myself that I would much rather be home than being stuck here – countless, I tell you.. uncountable. And I know, it’s not over yet.. the next few semesters are going to be more trying… and I know there will be more countless times of how much I wished I was in the comfort and security of home than out here all alone to face my world ahead. I can foresee…that I’ll definitely age much quicker in the next 6 months. lol. With the heavy postings and stress.. ugh.
Oh, enough with the complaints. 🙂 All in all, I thoroughly believed Seremban has changed me.. whether better or worse – you decide 😉 Until then, wish me luck for the next one and a half years here in Seremban.. oh better still, just pour me enough luck for the next 6 months 😉

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