Pride and Prejudice

yes yes yes!!!! I’ve finally watched the movie! Although it was late last night (I started past midnight), and I had to use earphones to play from my laptop – it was well worth the watch! Thanks to my good friend (THANK YOU!!) who graciously downloaded it into a cd for me – if not, I would not have found a partner to go to the movies with!
The movie has remained true to the essence of the beautifully written classic novel by Jane Austen. I remember reading this book back in my young teenage years, in my bedroom, mesmerized and drawn in to the story, so much so I could only put the book down terribly late at night. It was this very book which opened the door to the realm of books of the classic genre to me. Everything in the movie was what I had imagined it to be – except the social class of the Bennets, which appeared rather poor in the show, had imagined otherwise (BUT, I may be wrong, having last read the book years ago!).
Oh, Pride and Prejudice is a must-watch, especially when you’re someone like me who’s easily captivated by stories like these, with smart women and men, speaking a language with vast vocabulary, meanings hidden deep within the carefully spoken sentences, with the ideas of balls and dancing and music, with good ol’ ladies gossiping about the lives of others in the region, oh, and with the idea of strong love, which the men so easily and quickly profess to.
They have definitely chosen the right people to play the most suitable parts – Elizabeth – the strong, sharp-tongued woman, who has her own sets of ideas and beliefs and are true to them, and the oh-so-handsome Mr Darcy, seemingly pompous and arrogant at first, yet becomes this loveable and kind-hearted wealthy bachelor, and the beautiful Jane and Mr. Bingley… oh, and one cannot forget the character of Mrs Bennet, in all her motherly ways and Mr Bennet… lol.. and the giggly Bennet sisters.
Though I knew the story rather well, and I know what the ending would be like – but one cannot help but shed tears at the romantic outcome of the story between the two, standing-out-strong characters and at how Mr Darcy professes his strong, passionate love for Elizabeth. *sigghhh*  *sniff*
😀 You should go watch it. Give it a try – I wouldn’t blame you if you fall asleep halfway through. If it’s not right for you, it’s not right for you.
PS: Did I tell you that I find Matthew MacFadyen (Mr. Darcy) seriously good looking?

One thought on “Pride and Prejudice

  1. (no name) says:
    Wow…I haven’t even read the book…I think I am a King Kong,Star Wars kind of movie person…but then again, I went to see Perhaps Love and I enjoyed it.

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