Near death experience

i just got home from a near-death experience… ok.. maybe it wasn’t as bad as that cuz I didn’t quite see my life pass me by as many say you would. But yeah, I’d label it as close-not-so-close-to-death experience.
In case you didn’t know, I’m a frequent train passenger.. and as usual, I’d take the train home from Seremban every Friday afternoon. Today was no different than any other day…. until we had to stop at a station because "the train had to be fixed". Fine. So we waited.. no biggie. 15 minutes…20 minutes… half an hour… then it got moving again. Then it stopped again… x minutes.. (can’t remember). On top of that, TODAY of all days, there were an extra amount of passengers onboard the train. Imagine.. the train was already packed as it is.. and when we reached UKM station, MORE students were waiting…and they pushed and poured in, regardless whether the people inside were squashed up like sardines (me being one of them. ugh.)
So yeah, imagine this. A train with a few carriages LOADED to the maximum.. full.. i mean it, literally FULL of people. It’s already stuffy as it is with the airconditioning. Ok. Still tolerable — UNTIL we left Kajang station .. we heard a loud bang. Then the airconditioning went off (bad).. then train started to stop (worse… more waiting). Ok. So we’re now in the train.. stuffy, sweaty, can’t breathe because of the amount of sardines in the tin.. and we’re waiting for the conductor to fix the stupid train. NOW.. here comes the worst part.. the train doors started closing and the airconditioning was still NOT on!!!!! Suddenly, everybody started feeling breathless.. (I did, to some degree).. and people started panicking and banging on the windows and doors for them to open up. Some girls were crying, some begging for the doors to open (you could hear the real desperation in her voice).. and children were crying.. we were all sweating and running out of breath.
I saw the emergency door open handle and wanted to break the glass to turn the handle.. until I saw the sign "Denda RM1000". ARGH.. what to do, what to do. Hearing the desperation of some of the passengers and the banging on the windows and doors, and the assurance from my friend that she will pay half the denda if we were denda-ed (lol, thanks girl!).. one kind guy helped to smash the glass, and we turned the handle.. Whoosh.. the door brakes were released. The guys rushed to push the doors apart. LITERALLY, you could feel some air.. some oxygen flowing in the train. At least we could breathe normally now. But we were still hot and sweaty. ARGH. We waited for the train to be fixed.. waited some more.. waited more… until I couldn’t take it anymore. I was going to walk.. on the train tracks to the next station. We hopped off the train (which was a really difficult thing to do – the train was high above the tracks).. and started walking.. on terrible rocks and stones (My shoes are now tearing apart), and we asked the KTM guy, how long a walk to the next station? "One hour" How about to the station which we came from? "40 mins"
Thankfully, we saw an old aunty right on the opposite side of the fence of the train tracks. She was a proud owner of a kampung house next to the tracks. Without much hesitancy, we crawled past the fence, braved the wooden fragile looking bridges.. and looked for civilisation. As always, my beloved dad was always a call away to the rescue. (Did I tell you how much of a hero my dad is?)
This is the story of my near-ok-maybe-not-so-near-death experience. 😛

3 thoughts on “Near death experience

  1. VincentChoy says:
    When I took the over night train to ALor Setar, the tracks between Ipoh and Penang was flooded. So instead of a nice sleep and wake up in the morning in Alor Setar, we were woken up around 1am.At least on that occasion KTM transferred everyone off the train at Ipoh, got us into buses and transferred us to Penang.
    There wait and wait and wait until around 4am for a connecting train to reconnect us on our journey.
    So much for paying extra for a first class bed….
    Looks like their service not like what it was…..I wonder what happened to the buggers who stayed on the train?
  2. wow..its really really near death experience. Luckily the nice guy did break the glass and turn the emergency handle. Anyway just dont care about the DENDA RM1000- what da’heck! *toottoot*. Human lives are the main priority, imagine someone might just die from lack of oxygen or brain damage..haha.
    Hallelujah, you+your friend and the people in the train are safe. Well someone need to post comments on thestar papers and at least KTM management need to explain on this incident.  God bless!

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