The world seems to change… except me (Part 2)

Stumbled on to a childhood friend’s blog today – we were once so close, so close.. like glue.. I would even consider her my first bestest friend as a little kid. My goodness, how she has changed sooooo much! She was almost unrecognizable, yet there still was the small resemblance of that little girl I once knew. I doubt she even remembers me. But nevermind that, after seeing her and reading about her life she’s living.. sort of reinforces the fact that I still feel like I’ve never changed since … since.., hmm.. no, no since – feels like I’ve never changed at all. sigh.
Still chubby, still the same old hairstyle, the same old talk, same height, same features. You know, I bet all my childhood friends could remember me from a glance.
You know, it feels like I’m the slowest to board on to the train of change.

One thought on “The world seems to change… except me (Part 2)

  1. A Friend says:

    No matter how much a person can change physically, you’ll eventually realized that deep down inside, you are still the same person.. your heart will never change, at least I believe so..

    You thought you changed, you might have changed, but there will always be things that will never change..

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