The world seems to change… except me (Part 2)

Stumbled on to a childhood friend’s blog today – we were once so close, so close.. like glue.. I would even consider her my first bestest friend as a little kid. My goodness, how she has changed sooooo much! She was almost unrecognizable, yet there still was the small resemblance of that little girl I once knew. I doubt she even remembers me. But nevermind that, after seeing her and reading about her life she’s living.. sort of reinforces the fact that I still feel like I’ve never changed since … since.., hmm.. no, no since – feels like I’ve never changed at all. sigh.
Still chubby, still the same old hairstyle, the same old talk, same height, same features. You know, I bet all my childhood friends could remember me from a glance.
You know, it feels like I’m the slowest to board on to the train of change.

One thought on “The world seems to change… except me (Part 2)

  1. No matter how much a person can change physically, you’ll eventually realized that deep down inside, you are still the same person.. your heart will never change, at least I believe so..

    You thought you changed, you might have changed, but there will always be things that will never change..

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