It’s just the 2nd day of my new Obstetrics & Gynaecology posting.. and I’m ALREADY dead tired. ugh. and it’s ONLY the beginning. Imagine everyday starting at 7 all the way till 5.. on top with the night on calls. sigh. somebody… end my misery. blek.

One thought on “O&G

  1. Kentucky says:
    Woking in the hospital from 7am to 5pm is a small case to our dictator. Imagine, not having the breakfast, arriived at 7am in the ward, have the dinner in hospital and stayed until 11pm at night. That’s how our dictator spended his wednesday last week. He never complained a word, and that’s how tough he is. That’s the reason he gain respect from us, and that’s the reason he is our beloved dictator!

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