I’m not cut out for business…

lol. and thank God too! 😛
I’ve begun to realize I’m not a risk taker.. if there is this tinge of doubtness in it, I would rather leave it than try it. I can’t, just can’t. It’s just not me. so yeah, unless I’m sure that whatever decision I make has a high chance of my favourable outcome, if not, count me out. No way.
Meaningless thoughts, I know. lol. Just felt like writing it anyway.. 😛 Thanks for reading 😉
This was a lesson I learnt from the recent Mother’s day’s fundraisers. If there’s any field which I’m sure I will never ever fit in.. that would be business.
So in the end.. would you trust a risk-taker doctor or one who would just play it safe, where outcomes are still controllable? 😉

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