A night of worship

Went back to kl yesterday to attend a worship night led by a group from Germantown Baptist Church (no, they’re not from Germany), which was held in my church. Wow. It was a truly awesome night – and apart from being blessed last night, singing tunes to "Famous One", "Blessed be Your name", "In Christ alone", my favorite "How great is our God" and "He reigns" (THESE are really good songs – go check them out), I learnt a couple of valuable lessons too:
1. Music IS quite essential for worship. Yes, one may worship without music, but it enhances worship so so so so so much.
2. the MORE the better.. never underestimate the quality of quantity. the more instruments IS always better…
3. GOD always answers prayers. I can never never never say that enough. I admit. I had my doubts prior to the actual night, God always proves my weak faith wrong. 🙂 "God, THANK YOU!!! :)"
4. i reallly reaallly love the sound of a cello. sigh. I want to take it up – sigh, limited time. 😦 anybody knows anyone giving cello classes?
5. i still prefer gwai los, no doubt about that. hehee.. 😀 given a choice, i’ll take a gwai lo anytime *wink*
oh, and last thing, had a good look at the mirror before last night.. and I came to a conclusion that I need to lose weight. lol. I do!!!!

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