My Superman

Brandon Routh has extremely good features. period. Unfamiliar name? Aah. You have not watched Superman, have you? You should! It was really really really good. As in, there were its moments of suspense, of humour, of love, of cool special effects, of drama.. of meaning. It had a pretty good storyline. I first went quite skeptical, thinking it’s going to be one of those Superman movies, and gosh, was I wrong! Because the first sight to behold was the all cute, all macho, extremely gaya Superman. The way he talks, the way he walks, when he flies, and when he has his few poses. Wah. *pengsan*. Oh, ESPECIALLY when his hair is falling all over his face. WAH *double pengsan*. 😀 If you ask me, I think he looks quite a bit like Christopher Reeves. Can’t tell what, but he bears some bits of resemblance to the legendary Superman Christopher.
I give it a four out of five stars (and I’m normally stingy with my stars). I have labelled this show a Lydia-recommended-movie. 🙂

3 thoughts on “My Superman

  1. sha says:
    Starting to use my ‘gaya’ word, i see.. hehe.. glad we’ve finally managed to watch a movie together as housemates!! And a good one too!

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