the things I was told as a child

Haha. Was washing an ink stain from my hand today when I remembered some tales that people (family, teachers, friends, etc) have told me when I was in my younger years. I thought I’d like to share some of these myths I’ve been told, and which I ACTUALLY believed then, but now know they cannot possibly be true (or can they?? *wink*). haha…
1. I remember my English teacher (when I was 12, telling the class one day that if we drew on our hands, the ink will get absorbed through our skin, seeping into our blood stream, then the ink will travel through our entire body, reaching the heart and causing a heart attack. Btw, this is coming from a lady who writes her memo on her hands ALL the time.
Hmmm… based upon the knowledge I know about skin and heart attacks, it cannot possibly be true. Firstly, our skin’s made pretty well, with a thickness that should be sufficient to protect anything on your skin from seeping through into your bloodstream. If that is the case, people with tattoos might need to get new ones in a few years time, because all the dye have seeped through and entered the vessels! lol. or even better, people with tattoos would’ve have gotten heart attacks much earlier in life. Secondly, heart attacks are not caused by inks or dyes in your vessels, they’re caused by a blockage in your blood stream from cholesterol, fats, icky bad toxins all clogged up in your drains of heart vessels, causing your heart muscles to weaken and die… resulting in the all-famous heart attacks. In fact, in some people with heart problems, doctors will deliberately inject dyes into your blood stream to line your blood vessels of your heart through radiograph images. 
2. I remember I was 9, right before a Math test, my teacher asked if anyone wanted to go to the washroom beforehand, none of us stood up to go, then he smiled and told us, if you resist from going to the toilet for too long, your bladder will expand so big, then it will explode in your body. (Imagine a teacher saying that!) Needless to say, most of the class stood up and ran to the washroom right after. lol.
Again, based upon what I know, it is true that urine will collect within your bladder and will continue to accumulate, even after you resist the urge to go, it will soon come to a point in which your bladder will be SO full, that you will pee automatically, even if you resisted it. It’s nature’s way of protecting your bladder from exploding. haha. *wink* C’mon! Your bladder’s definitely stronger than a balloon!
3. I was just about 7 or 8, when I was introduced to the world of chewing gum. Back then, being so young, the few of us tend to forget that we’ve got chewing gum in our mouths, cuz we were so used to the sweets which are chewable and swallowable. lol. Naturally we would occasionally accidentally swallow a chewing gum or two. Then, a nasty older friend (think it was my friend’s older brother) who nicely came along and told us, that when we swallowed chewing gum, it gets lodge on to your throat and so the more you swallow the more they will accumulate in your throat, then you will eventually die from suffocation. Cruel, isn’t he?
Yeah right. Everything you swallow definitely goes into your throat and out the other end. I’ve heard legos going through quite nicely too, coming out untouched (except covered in dirt of course *wink*)
4. I remember a time when my friends and I were eating watermelon in school, when my friend suddenly blurted out that if we were to swallow any of these seeds, they will be planted in our stomachs and a tree will grow from within it and will sprout through our heads.
Haha… and to think I really believed that at that point of time. Imagine people walking around with branches sticking out of their heads and ears. lol.
5. Back then when I was really young and had begun to eat by myself, my grandmother told me that the amount of rice I’d left on the plate will reflect the amount of pimples and scars on my future-husband’s face. lol. I developed rather good eating habits of clearing my plate since.
lol. It’s yet to be proven? *wink* We’ll see…
6. I remember colouring some pictures with my friends, (I remember being as young as 7 or 8) and we were using colour pencils to beautify our masterpiece, when my friend picked up a short colour pencil and she started telling me of a friend she knew who used colour pencils shorter than her last tiny finger, and that her friend used so many short colour pencils that she eventually grew a 6th finger on her hand!! Immediately after, I remember picking out as many colour pencils as I could and started measuring them against my last finger to dispose the extremely short ones. I recall telling myself that I don’t want to grow a 6th ugly finger on my right hand!
Well, in a way, it was a good method to know when not to use a pencil when it gets too short to hold comfortably. *smile*
7. I think I was about 8 when I was at my friend’s house playing with her and we were having lots of fun – laughing and giggling late into the night, when her mother came into the room and said something, and then she made a passing statement that children who laugh too much at night, will experience nightmares that very night. I suppose we were making too much of noise, and she had no choice but to figure a way to get us to quiet down. lol.
Logically, hmm…. hyperactivity of the brain from laughter can cause hyperactivity of the brain at night? You know I’d think we would be dreaming happy thoughts when one laughs too much than to have nightmares instead. Thankfully, no nightmares that night for me. lol.
That’s pretty much all I can think of off hand right now. I’m sure you all have had your stories of myths too. What’s yours?

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