Mark September 30 on your calendar

You may recall me inviting you to the Choral Festival held last year.. Guess what, i’m inviting you (again!!) for this year’s bigger and even better Choral Festival.
Yes, this is one of those rare opportunities you will hear me sing, especially in such a grand scale. I think the oomph factor of this year’s performance is that the Klang Valley’s Choir will be joined by the massive, humongous, super powerful Florida Baptist Choir, which consist of at least 200 members. So add that up to the Malaysian choir of about 100 odds, you do the math, yeah.. you’ll hear that amount of voices singing as much as their lungs (and not stomachs, contrary to popular beliefs) can take them to, accompanied by the orchestra. It is going to be great, and you’re so gonna miss out on this happening event if you decide to NOT go to MCA Hall on September 30, 2006 at 7:30pm. You will regret not going, I guarantee! lol.
SO be there, here are the details once again:
September 30, 2006 (it’s a Saturday), 7:30pm, MCA Hall
Okay. if you decide to pass on hearing me sing (which  I rationally understand), at least come to hear the Americans sing either on September 29 (Friday) or September 30 (Saturday), both will begin at 7:30pm. So no excuses, you cannot be busy 2 days at once, it’s logically impossible 😉 lol. They’re a really talented bunch, as they’re touring different parts of the world to perform, and they’re here after their stop at the Sydney Opera House, and you have been given the privilege to hear them (and me, lol) sing for FREE! (What a deal, isn’t it?)
SO PLEASE do consider coming and making the event a success. Thanks to my persuasion skills, you have already decided to come, right?? 😉

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