International Music Festival

There was an atmosphere of grandness in the room, the sounds of voices singing by the hundreds, in unison and in harmony. If I could only have one word to describe the Festival, this would be it: Incredible.
The music and lyrics sung by the Floridians really touched my heart, they were words of conviction and some songs were words of praise to our Almighty God. If you have not heart almost 200 voices singing… you missed your chance when you decided not to come. There is the unique resonance that fills the room, it could make goosebumps appear on your skin.
Of course, the experience of not just hearing the choir sing, but to actually be in the massive and all-powerful choir really humbled me. When everybody came together and sang with one purpose, under one guidance, with the mixture of adrenaline rush, you feel like you could sing and sing and sing practically forever.. and y’know what, that is exactly what heaven is going to be like. Everybody from every tribe, every tongue, every nation, singing with one purpose, that is to praise and worship our God, under the One who initiates our worship, we can just sing forever and ever and ever.. endlessly. I can’t wait for that to begin already! šŸ™‚
Anyway, here are some pictures from the workshop and practices and the makan sessions after the concerts. I will upload the actual pictures of us singing when I get them. šŸ˜› lol. Until then, enjoy these first. šŸ™‚

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