Bleeding here, fracture there, pain everywhere

Emergency Medicine posting, after two days has looked rather unemergencyful. Maybe it’s still too early to pass a quick judgement on the posting, who knows, in the remaining eight days of the posting, I might come across something that feels like a real emergency, y’know ones that looks like a real TV show. Well, I did see a poor little girl who severed her finger after it got curious with the washing machine,and today there were many motor vehicle accident cases as a resultant of a wet Tuesday morning, but other than that, the A&E department looked rather quiet.. or maybe things that once looked interesting, didn’t quite look so interesting anymore. πŸ˜› lol.
On the other hand, I can smell the haze coming back. Don’t know if it’s just Seremban or the same thing’s happening in KL too, but it looks like it’s getting from bad to worse. Quick! Somebody do the rain dance, before we all breathe in unhealthy air and die. lol. πŸ™‚

One thought on “Bleeding here, fracture there, pain everywhere

  1. Well, you’ll be able to experience first hand when the right time comes at the moment you’re in the A & E department. I felt sad for that little curious girl with the washing machine. The time will come real soon. Since its the Puasa Month.
    The haze is coming back not only in Seremban but in KL and some parts of town.
    *wilson changes into a tribal outfit and starts dancing wild and chanting*
    Anyway, its gonna rain here in the late evening. and my grandma’s fine.

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