My Observation about Blogs

Don’t know if everyone thinks the same (or rather does the same) but i’ve noticed that blogs are usually outlets for people to voice their feelings – the extremes of it, the best things that happened, the funniest things that happened and even the worst things that happens to them. I have been using some of my free time to browse many people’s blogs – both people I know and don’t know, and really, a lot of the entries I’ve seen have something to do with the negativity of the person at that moment of time in which the author writes.
See.. I think our media, particularly the newspaper has taught us oh-so-well to see the bad in everything – tragedies, death, natural disasters, that often at times, we too, see the horridness in everything – the lies, the hurt, the break-up, the pain and suffering. Many would exploit our good ol’ public (which means belongs to all) world wide web to just place the little tinge of "I’M HURTING HERE, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT" feelings, so that everybody reads it and whoever who has caused that pain (or thinks has caused the pain) would feel the guilt (though of course the author would have no intentions of pointing a finger at the culprit "SO and SO has caused me pain") I wonder why. What more, when the person feels that bit of guilt will then be EXPECTED to do something to mend it.. something like telling people to "read between the lines" of my feelings. 
I think there are other places to voice that negative opinion than to taint our beautiful blogs with damaging thoughts, here’s a hint: If you have something bad to say about somebody, tell it straight to the person. Don’t announce it. it’s not nice.
lol. Great. I just created a negative thought today. 

One thought on “My Observation about Blogs

  1. Heya gal…u’re so right! Used to blog negative things alot. But well, felt that it’s not the right way to convey the message around and therefore, my blog has been pretty stagnant coz I was already tired of blogging depressing things. Some people think that it’s a great way to release all the tension, but for me, well, the more bad things I write, the more I’ll read it to myself, the more I’ll harbour the sorrow in me. Really unhealthy wei! But again, I’ve started blogging lately. Know why? it’s about my new  puppy….so happy that i’ve got it…. it’s so so cute….she’s call Kiki – an australian silky terier by the way… ^_^  Yes lydia…blogs are outlets for the extremities. And yup….u can say I’m on the high mode now…. keke

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