Medical terms you need to know

Found this somewhere and I thought it would be a great and funny read to my medical student friends and even those who aren’t.
1. Artery – The Study of Painting
2. Bacteria – The back door of the cafeteria
3. Barium – What doctors do when their patients die
4. Bowel – A letter like A, E, I, O or U
5. Caesarean Section – A neighbourhood in Rome
6. CAT scan – Seaching for a kitty
7. Cauterize – To make eye contact with a girl
8. Coma – A punctuation mark
9. Enema – Someone who is not your friend
10. Fester – Quicker
11. Fibula – A small lie
12. Labour pain – When you get hurt at work
13. Nitrates – Cheaper than day rates
14. Node – Was aware of
15. Outpatient – A patient who fainted
16. Pelvis – An Elvis impersonator
17. Recovery Room – A place to do upholstery
18. Rectum – Allmost killed ’em
19. Secretion – Something you don’t want anyone to know
20. Seizure – A Roman emperor
21. Tablet – A small table
22. Terminal – Where planes land
23. Urine – Opposite of "You’re Out!"
24. Varicose – Nearby
25. Vein – to be conceited
lol. If you didn’t find any of the above funny, it’s okay. 😛 Happy holidays, ppl!

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