we’re coming to the end…

The end is near.. I mean, the end of the year is here. No Christmasy feel yet. Don’t know why.. I felt the Christmas Spirit much earlier on last year, I remember. Maybe that’s because I haven’t been to a mall in ages!! Haven’t really heard Christmas music, seen Christmas scenes, or maybe I’m so preoccupied with preparation for everything else, I’ve forgotten to just sit down, take a look, breathe.. and just feel the Christmas warmth (in the hot sun)
Counting down to the days when I’ll be away.. feels like everybody’s going – one by one.. to every part of the world. My friends to Australia, New Zealand, UK, US.. then me to Scotland. Somehow that excitement feeling has slowly disappeared. That sinking thought that I’ll be gone for a pretty long time, to a land where it’s super cold, where the sun’s alive for only a few hours, where the temperature’s so low you’d freeze almost immediately.. alone. argh. for 6 whole weeks! My consolation for now is Paris and the fact I can return in time for Chinese New Year.  (Gosh, I hope I dont put on a bundle of weight when I get there!)
I’m going to miss home, that’s for sure. sigh.

One thought on “we’re coming to the end…

  1. Well, Christmas spirit are all geared up in New Zealand. Neighbourhood especially Franklin Road in town are well known for its well lighted Christmas Decoration outside their homes..a stretch of it. And the malls are all in frenzy of the Christmas Sale. Indeed its great atmosphere here and well I would also agree that you’ll be having fun as well back home and even in Scotland or Paris. I’ll get more photos posted soon. Moreover, I’ve bought you a birthday.cum.christmas present for you during the sale.
    Anyway, have fun and hope to see you all again for Chinese New Year back home and do send my warmest regards to your family and the youths back at church. Miss you very much and have a great Christmas and New year..and safe journey.
    Let me know when’s your flight ok and I’ll try to come back on the same day as your arrival at KLIA and we’ll catch the same ride home. God bless.

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