I’m OK

In response to many of my dear readers’ concerns for me after my previous blog entry, just wanted to assure everybody that I’m okay. Nope, I don’t deny my bouts of moping and all that comes with it (I shall not describe more), but don’t worry, I’m getting there. I’m working on my way to the path of healing. Not by my might, not by my own strength, but by His Spirit who dwells within me.
This morning, I was just contemplating with the fact of how much we actually need God. All of us do. We are completely dependent on Him for every breath we take. We are only alive today simply because it’s sustained by Him alone. Pretty amazing. More than just physically dependent on Him, we also need to be completely reliant on Him spiritually. Fully agreeing to what Sarah wrote, He is our ALL in all. We need Him during painful times AND during the good times. Was especially encouraged when talking with the girls on Saturday that many times, we conveniently forget our God during the moments when we think we can survive on our own, when in actual fact, we can’t… Cutting Him off is like cutting our life line. 
What made this train of thought even more interesting today is that God doesn’t need us. Yup. You heard me. He doesn’t need you or me. He doesn’t need our praises, He isn’t better today because we worshipped Him. Quoting Josh Harris quoting J.I Packer:
"…the Christian must never for one moment imagine himself to be indispensable to God, or allow himself to behave as if he were. The God who sent him, and is pleased to work with him, can do without him."
That’s kind of hard to grapple. Knowing that we need someone so much, yet that someone doesn’t need us. It might sound a little unfair, yet in its irony, it’s very comforting. No matter what happens to us, even during the really difficult moments, it’s comforting to know that God doesn’t change, and isn’t dependent on anything or anyone. He STILL sits enthroned in heaven, He STILL is in control, He STILL is everlasting, He is STILL GOD despite our wavering emotions towards Him.
On a lighter note…
Church camp’s next week. We’re going camping with the King. Sounds pretty exciting. Never been so close to a human king before… then of course, I’m already a princess, the child of the only King of all kings. I wonder why nobody’s excited around me, since I have royal blood in me too! 😛

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