Cholero-melancholy or Melan-choleric?

The beginning half of this week was spent at Berjaya Hills Resort, Bukit Tinggi. My church had our bi-annual camp, and this year, we’ve decided to go luxurious and enjoyed the cool air at about 2500 feet above sea level, and if you’ve read my blog before this, yes, we had a special guest who resided there with us, not with our camp, but on his private holiday – golfing. Guess who? The very Agong himself, yes, the new 44 year old King. He and his group of friends played a friendly against the Berjaya group people. Saw their score board, but didn’t know how to interpret it anyway. 😛
ok. enough about the king, because we met a greater King there instead – the King of the universe, the King of kings, the ultimate eternal all-powerful awesome One. It is a humbling experience. Anyhoo.. I’ve posted up some pics of what we did there. We did the usuals – Colmar French Village, Japanese tea gardens, some bowling, rabbit farm… too bad we couldn’t have horse-back riding because it was so expensive. What a shame! I miss riding a horse so much!
We had a really interesting speaker there, Rev. Clement Chong who spoke to us about the different temperaments. Y’see, all of us can be somewhat categorized into four primary temperaments, namely Sanguine (the talkative, outgoing but forgetful one), Choleric (the controlling, aggressive one), Melancholy (the emotional, but perfectionist one), and the Phlegmatic (the quiet and slow one). But because these four are so broad and everyone of us are so diversified, often at times, we have a secondary temperament as well.
What’s mine? Definitely choleric. When Rev. Clement was describing the temperament, he hit right on the spot of describing me. Some have also said that I’m Melancholic… yup, and I agree too, I tend to hold grudges a lot, and yes, very perfectionist. Which is primary and secondary? Y’know… i really have a hard time telling which is and have come to the conclusion that both of my “primary” and “secondary” actually co-exist together and come through as strong as the other. Thus, unable to label myself as Cholero-melancholy or Melancholeric. 😛
The talk really helped us see our personalities, as to identify our strengths, and how we can actually gear them into good use, and also to identify our weaknesses and thus, being able to correct and improve ourselves. In the same time, you begin to identify other’s temperaments and Cholerics like me won’t get so angry at others when they don’t get work done, simply because we’re all made different. It really brought to light about how we should relate to other people.
All that I learnt at camp was like a mirror shoved into my face and I was actually forced to look hard at myself, and how I have been relating to everybody in the past – many experiences of which I am deeply ashamed of, which is why I’ve tried to make a resolution to really think through my actions and words before I act upon them… which I predict I’ll fail miserably at because most of the time, I really act on my impulse then sitting and thinking, then acting. I can’t… but I will try. Better than not trying at all, I say.
What else.. what else.. can’t seem to think of what else to write. Just started Internal Medicine posting. It’s going to be some tough busy weeks ahead. Sigh. What more with Professional Exams coming. ARGH!
PS: you can view more photos here:

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