Time for an update

Sigh. I’ve got so many things to talk about.. so many things i want to say. Life has been a roller coaster for me recently, has been tough, no doubt, but might as well enjoy the ride while i can.
Can’t think of much to say.. figured i could just kill some time while waiting in between classes, which starts in 2 hours. Sigh. I had some pictures from a recent trip to Malacca, thought I might as well do a little update on it.. although it happened 3 weeks ago. Haha.
Let’s see.. in conjunction with the school holidays (and mine) some of us decided to drive down to good ol’ Malacca. Let’s see.. think there was like 8 of us in the van. I enjoyed the ride back and forth, y’know, just munching on junk food, driving on the straight road, and going into good conversations with Matt. We didn’t do much there. Typical touristy spots – St. Paul’s, A Famosa, Independence Museum, Jonker.. had my first Chicken rice balls (it was okay) and my favourite special Malaccan ice kacang, with the gula melaka. The trip was worthwhile for it. 🙂
Yeah, that’s pretty much what happened. It was all good from beginning to end, except for the parking fine and the wrong turn home. lol. 🙂 Enjoy the pics!..

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