Actually technically, this can’t be called an update.. more like a backdate, because y’see, I’m now blogging about a trip which happened 3 weeks ago. lol. I know I know.. but as they always say, better late than never, right? 😉
Well.. three weeks ago, some bunch of youths from my church and I made a trip up to Kota Bahru, Kelantan. It was my first time being so high up north east (the furthest I’ve been was Kuantan) and so I was really looking forward to going there, and have a look, see feel of the state, well known to be ‘different’ than the other states of Malaysia.
And so.. we took off, at about 8 am, and what was supposedly a 7 hour journey up the quickest route, became a 9 hour journey – but mind you, the sceneries were picturesque. Of course, I drifted in and out of sleep just to pass the time, and talked to those who just so happened to be stuck with me for the journey – Rachel and Bryan.
We only really had a 2 day 2 night stay there. It was a mission trip – a trip with a mission. lol. The mission was to join another Baptist Church at Kota Bahru, to get to know them and help them organize a children’s fun day out. It was interesting to see the culture in Kelantan – being almost 80-90% Malay populated and with a strong Islamic rule, a lot of things were different – the advertisements with Jawi, the mosques, the people, the language.. the food!!
Just a little quick fast forward, we had a night fellowship with the members of Kota Bahru Baptist Church – some really wonderful time of singing and sharing. The children’s day began the very next early morning. It was different from the VBSes I’ve helped in my church, with all the nice facilities, air cond, comfort.. this was different. It was in a gym, almost lacking of fans, bare facilities, children who speak a lot of Mandarin (a wonderful opportunity for me to practice!) and even the Malay Language (some children were from East Malaysia). But y’know what, even without those comfort commodities, we had a really super great time, I got to know so many children, their likes, dislikes, how life is like in Kota Bahru, and built some friendships. I was personally amazed at how quickly so many of these children who have never been to church before, could so quickly pick up songs we sing at church, which we often take for granted.
Ok. Story cut short, day ended, started trip back down to Kuala Lumpur.. we decided to try something different by driving through Cameron Highlands. Bad decision. Took us a whole 12 hours to get home.
This trip will leave a lasting impression on me and I’m really thankful for the golden opportunity to go and be a part of it. I wouldn’t mind going back there again… but to work in Kota Bahru Hospital? Umm. No thanks. I’ll pass. 😛 
Enjoy the pics I uploaded. For more, please visit: http://whackowilson.multiply.com/photos/album/35

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