I’m here typing this, 45 minutes away from my SAQ paper, right from the examination room itself. I know I know, I should be reading, but I guess just 5 minutes break would be okay… for now. I hope.
Well, just wanted to write about what had happened during the day, which suddenly just occured to me. I had my Gynaecology posting clinical exam this morning at the ward, and I was assigned a lady with Ovarian Cancer. Ok. All the technical clinical jargon aside, after a deeper conversation with her, she shared that her husband left her upon knowing that she was diagnosed with cancer and brought their youngest child (his own blood child) along with him and disappeared into no where. Now she’s left to fend for herself, with only her oldest 17 year old son to financially pay for the entire family’s expenses and her medical fees. That’s case one.
Right after the bombardment of exam questions by my lecturer/examiner, she asked me and my fellow colleagues under her whether we’d like to join her to examine a case downstairs at the A&E. We followed. It was a rape case.
No wait.
It was 2 rape cases.
2 girls.
Not teenagers. 2 children.
No, I will not write the details of the case, but let’s just put that things like these should not happen to children. In fact, it should not even happen at all!!
Makes me wonder, after reflecting on the 2 situations I’ve seen and heard in the morning….
Where are all of today’s generation of God-fearing men?
Sad. so sad.
Wish me luck!

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