Another year older, another year closer to You

It’s 2 hours into my birthday. Yes, I’m announcing it…but I believe I’m not the first to have told you about it. Some machine probably generated a reminder telling you in advance “it’s Lydia’s birthday coming up”. So me announcing today’s my birthday should not be a surprise to you. lol.
I remember writing a blog entry some years back, just before turning 21 about how I felt finally entering adulthood and all that aspirations and dreams yadayadayada.. Just read through it again. For your amusement, here’s an excerpt from it.
“….Birthdays come, birthdays go, after all, it’s just another date on the calendar. Really, nothing much to it. I guess tomorrow will just be a reminder to me that I am growing up, and it’s finally time to take up more responsibilities, to leave behind my childish immaturity and well, simply act my age. lol. No more excuses that I’m too young – that can’t work anymore. ;)…
….all I ask are your prayers – that from tomorrow, I will be a better person, one that seeks after God’s own heart, a filial daughter, a caring and compassionate medical student, a genuine friend, a great listener, a mentor to the younger ones…
Here’s to me, Happy 21st Birthday. :)”
Looking back over these 2 years, so much have changed. Do I think I have grown? Probably not. I’ve still got the immaturity in me, still not acting my age. But still, a lot has happened since then. Major things which will probably alter the course of my life, huge events which made me aware of what’s more important in life, in the middle of my last semester (finally!) in medical school.
To be honest, I really don’t know exactly what I intended to say. lol. Just felt like writing up something to commemorate my birth-day (and partially I can’t sleep). Today, 2 years after I wrote those words above, I still aspire for the same things – to be a better person, one that seeks after God’s own heart and living life I have for His glory, a filial and obedient daughter, a caring and compassionate doctor, a genuine friend, an attentive listener, an example and mentor to those younger than I. Today’s already here, and will soon be gone in 21 hours..birthday will soon be over, then what? Then another year, and another year and another year, and with each year, I’m moving closer to the end. I’m growing closer to Home. But while I’m here, while today’s still now, how do I make it count? How can I fully maximise my life for the benefit of others and not just me? Honestly, I do not know practically how yet, but I know I can only live a day at a time. With each day that passes, it’s scratched off my life span, leaves me with fewer days to make an impact, fewer days to touch the lives of others. Time is running out.
Lydia, Happy 23rd Birthday!

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