Of bruises and justice

I grimace everytime I sit on a chair. ugh. The pain. What do you get when you add a pair of too-long jeans, high heels, a steep flight of stairs and some distractions and thoughts lurking in your head? Two BIG bluey grey bruises. One on the bum and the other the back of my right thigh. They’re not small, I can assure you, but big enough to cause me to be reminded of my pain nerve fibers everytime I sit, when I try getting up and when I walk. From the size of them things, looks like they’re here to stay for quite a while. Sigh.
Anyhoo, on to another topic, I have a rather delayed response to the rally which happened in KL on Saturday. I first heard about a protest in KL on Saturday, but little did I realize as I read more and more about it today, how large a turnout it was. I never thought Malaysians could be this passionate for justice.
To read about it more and view some photos of the event, go here.
I’ve never really had much interest in politics nor read much about it, but if you ask me it was for quite a justified cause that day – a clean, uncorrupted election. Actually an election SHOULD be clean and uncorrupted, and that should be asked for every single time. To be honest, judging from the photos I see from that day, it did not look like a dangerous gathering which required teargas and water cannons at all. If you ask me, it looked like pictures that could’ve been taken from one of your friendly marathon runs in PJ. Were there crimes commited? Were people injured? Were there houses and cars destroyed? Not that I know of. It seemed like a peaceful march by the people in a plea to their king to ensure a clean election takes place (which I’d like to emphasize, should not be a request, but a requirement of an election). As I reflect back upon the demonstrations which happened in Indonesia, Baghdad, etc etc, I recall seeing fire, guns, bombs, broken glass, rowdy crowd,etc, but that was not what I saw from the photos (unless of course, the photos only took a part of what was really happening out there).
It was pretty astounding to see so many people actually cared and did something to show they did and the numbers should alert our king, our government and the people that this is of priority and this is what democracy is all about. A fair vote on who gets to lead, then again, I don’t know all the small prints to what democracy really is, but from my knowledge back from primary school days, it was as simple as that. It was a people based decision. Whoever really receives majority of the votes, gets to take charge, like how we’d elect our class monitors in our younger years. I remember those days. We’d kick the candidates out of the class, then we vote and teacher counts the vote and announces the winner. Why do things become more complicated when we grow older, who knows.
I think the king can and should be approached for justice. It is after all, his country…well, technically, he is the head of the country and as a neutral leader, all the more he is at the best position to ensure all justice is carried out in all affairs of his own country. He was crowned to lead and represent his people. So often at times, we’ve treated our king like a show piece, perhaps it is time that he, as King, be given his chance to exercise the power and authority he was bestowed with. No harm in that. Giving the king a proposal does not necessarily mean he has to act and follow it, like how a child comes to his father to request for candy, does not necessarily mean his father will buy him candy, but it is the act that counts. This means enough to the people to walk that many kilometers to the king’s residence to hear their plea and if it means so much to the people, it should mean so much to the king, who is the leader of his people.
On a much lighter note, Christmas is coming in 42 days. Here’s a reminder to get your shopping planned out and set to go. 😛

One thought on “Of bruises and justice

  1. Actually I was in KL that day trying to buy the mic clips and mic wires for the church drums…wondered why so many police were about. Could not get Timothy to verify some info, so left KL. If I have stayed and went to Bentley, I would have been stuck in a 3 hour jam…Thank God…

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