Dear Mr. Pullman

Excerpt from Mr. Philip Pullman’s website:
His Dark Materials seems to be against organised religion.
Do you believe in God?
I don’t know whether there’s a God or not. Nobody does, no matter what they say. I think it’s perfectly possible to explain how the universe came about without bringing God into it, but I don’t know everything, and there may well be a God somewhere, hiding away.
Actually, if he is keeping out of sight, it’s because he’s ashamed of his followers and all the cruelty and ignorance they’re responsible for promoting in his name.
If I were him, I’d want nothing to do with them.
Dear Mr. Pullman,
You are right. If we were God, we’d want nothing to do with us. Who would want to bother about the human race – selfish, conceited, greedy, always fighting each other, immoral… sinful. But the fact here, sir, is this: we are NOT God. And you know that yourself. You said if.
We are NOT God.
God is God. No one else is. Nobody can ever be and this is what we know about Him:
God is holy. God is just. God is love. God is merciful.
God is holy.
He is perfect. Sinless. Not a single stain is upon Him. He is not human, which is why He is pure.
God is just.
He cannot stand sin. He hates it. He hates the fact the human race is destroying each other day after day. He hates it when men cheat each other in business deals. He hates it when a teenager cheats in an exam. He hates it when man is with another man’s wife. He hates every single sin you can name, Mr. Pullman.
Now if we were God, this hatred would have caused us to destroy every single person alive… because everybody (from the beginning of time to the end of it) is sinful. They need to pay for their sins, and the payment for sin is death. Only death can pay away our sins. Not any amount of money can bail us out from sin to making us pure before God. How can anybody live and be sinless, when the fact is every living person is sinful? It’s illogical. Only death pays the cost.
BUT we are not God. (Thank God)
God is love.
It’s like a synonym. Love (the unconditional pure ones, untainted and true) is God. It’s an equation. God = love.
He is wholly, completely love. He hates sin, but He loves us…everyone. But everyone was on its way to pay for the penalty for sin…everybody was going to die. But He loved us. He loved us when we screamed at our parents. He still loved us when we lied to our friends.
He loved us even when we hated Him.
But really, what is the point of saying I love you when it means nothing, right, Mr. Pullman? That’s like a clanging gong. Like a father who repeatedly says that but does nothing to show it. 
But God said it, meant it and showed it.
And this is the demonstration of God’s love, Mr. Pullman.
“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son…” John 3:16
“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us….” 1 John 3:16
He gave His only Son. For us. To die. In our place. He loved us enough to sacrifice His very own Son.
Could you do that, Mr. Pullman? Could you let your very own son, your own flesh and blood die in place for the next murderer, who lashed and killed several young boys, who is sentenced to be executed tomorrow? Probably not. We wouldn’t bother. We’d allow the man to pay for his own sins. He did it, let him die for it. But this is because we do not love that man. Even if we do, we do not love him enough to sacrifice our own for him. But God does. God loves that man enough. He loves the greatest sinner there is on this earth. He loves us all, each and everyone of us.. and He loved us enough to send His very own…. to die the worst kind of death. For us.
This is love. And that makes all the difference. But the story is not over.
God is merciful.
He gave us what we did not deserve. We did not do Him any favour. We did not achieve anything exceptional to earn that love. He did not just pay for that penalty of death for us, Mr. Pullman. He gave us more. Much much more.
“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him, will not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16
Life forever. We escaped death. Now we can live forever… and not just stuck here on earth forever, Mr. Pullman, but life forever in heaven. We get to live in the grandest biggest mansion…forever. That’s a big word. Forever. Never ending. No end. Eternity. ONLY if we believe in Jesus.
And the deal doesn’t just start when we go to heaven, sir. It begins now. He promises to be with us here on earth, everyday. He will not leave us, nor forsake us. He will lift us up in times of trouble when we call to Him. He promises us much and will keep to them.
“And surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:20
We are NOT God, Mr. Pullman. God alone is and always will be. He did not hide, Mr. Pullman. He has always been here. He even provided the solution to granting us eternal life… through his only Son. He is in the air you breathe, He is in the gentle evening breeze, He is in the strongest storm, He is in the rising sun, and the night-sky moon. He is there…it’s whether we see Him there or not.
I choose to believe in God…and I pray that someday, you will too.

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