Batu Pahat and the things attached to it

Map picture


Just downloaded Windows Live Writer – a super cool application to help me write better blog entries and doing much more in it than before from just typing from windows live space website.

Did a little playing around with it and saw the super cool insert map feature. Oooooohhh. Interesting. Thought I’d show you where I am right now. See the town right at the bottom right corner, right above the scale? That’s a little town called Batu Pahat.

See the huge name upper left corner? That’s home. Some good three hours drive away.

I don’t have many pictures of this town to show. Only a few of the hospital – the place I spent most of my days.  DSC00071



Here’s the hospital at night. Took it on one of my on-call nights. It actually looks like a resort. No kidding.




This is warn all patients who so choose to be admitted into the hospitals that they will very likely be meddled with by medical students. 🙂DSC00072




The corridor where we walk through everyday to the wards….





The Accident and Emergency Department where we occasionally visit. 🙂


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