Your invisible presence


In the whispers of the night, I hear you call

Softly, steadily

Never diminishing, never ceasing

In the steady beats of the second, You march on

Unwavering, unstoppable

Until I hear you cry

At that very hour, I am made aware of you

Merciless, uncompromising you

“Why should I wait?” I hear you roar

“You know time and tide waits for no man”

At that very minute, I knew you were right

Why should you wait

For the slow, for the weak, for those who fall behind

You cannot delay, you must keep going

The world depends on you to survive


“Carpe Diem”

The voices call out to me

Seize the day!

Grab hold of it by its neck

Reap the moments, until it dies

Dimming into the horizon

Then it is no more and forgotten


71587632 “There is a time for everything”

I hear another shout

Time to laugh, time to weep

There is time for everything under the sun

But life is short

The birth of a new day may never come

Who knows how many tomorrows I may have

Seasons come, seasons go

But what am I at the end of the years

Have we grown better, older

As you would want us to be


You watched as generations live and die

You survived eras and millenniums

Oh, what pain it must be for you

To witness those who are born

Breathe their last

But you remained the same

Strong and young

Keeping the steady pace in tuned into you

No wonder it had made you so cruel

No wonder you are pitiless

But this is what life is

Engraved into the very core of your rhythm

Our end is set before us

Count what we have

Then make it count for His glory


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