Rain, rain, go away


Perhaps it’s time I inject some personal touches to the blog. Let’s talk about me! (yes I know you’ve been dying to hear the juicy stories!)

It’s Nov 20, 2007. 12:50pm. Got back from the hospital early today but will have to go back to the campus at 2:30pm later for a briefing to our new posting. It’s pouring outside – one of the many raining episodes (lengthy ones too) here in Batu Pahat. Hearing the intensity of water gushing down from the sky outside, I’m not surprised if the floods will return today. Brace yourselves, Johor.

Welllllll…it’s not only gushing water outside, it’s gushing inside my room too. Ok. Maybe I’m exaggerating. It’s dripping, trickling from the ceiling to my pail. YES. I live in a room with a defect in the ceiling. I’ve reminded our landlord so many times even I’m tired of complaining to him, since it always seem to fall into deaf ears. Looks like I’ll have to call him again later. The rainy season isn’t going to end soon. sigh.

What else. We just started our Medicine posting. Went into the female ward for the first time. It was exactly like what my friends who have been in there described it – a refugee camp. Beds were everywhere and trolleys and people walking. Patients on my allocated beds were so sick, it was difficult to even talk to them..except for one lady. It’s a crazy place in there. It smells and it’s not exactly the cleanest place (in comparison to the wards I’ve been to in my previous posting). Sigh. The place has already turn me off from the excitement of my new posting. It’s sad that BP Hospital doesn’t set up more wards for the medical cases, since there is an abundant number of cases admitted and the hospital doesn’t seem to be lacking in supply of doctors anyway (Considering the amount of HOs there were in Paeds). The attitude of one doctor I saw in the ward has also turned me off (I’ve been told about this man before). Definitely an example I do not want to follow when I graduate. I shall not dwell in the details. Actually I met another doctor from the medical ward even before I started the posting… and well, let’s just say he/she didn’t quite give me a good impression. Sigh.

Today is officially the first day of the second half of my stay here in BP. Another two and a half months to go! Sometimes it does feel like it has sped by, some days were preeettttyyyy draggy. What do I think of BP so far? Here are some keywords I’ve associated it with: smallish (compared to good ol’ KL), very hot, very rainy, non-Canto ppl, gangster town, smelly water, nicer hospital (compared to Seremban), supposedly famous otak-otak, nasi briyani gam, very few Indians (compared to Seremban), monkeys, lizards…..and leaky roof. smile_sniff We’ll see what the next two and a half months bring. I imagined disastrous days ahead.


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