Get your Bibles out and start reading

Most of today’s content was copied and pasted from here (ESV’s blog post on Visualizing One-Year Bible Reading Plans)

It’s that ritualistic time of the year again. Time to hurry pick out a good Bible reading plan to kick-start in the year 2008. With so many options and variety of plans, it’s quite difficult to select one to stick with for the entire year. It matters. One year’s worth.

I found this blog last year and found the graphics useful (somewhat) in visualizing the depth, the load and the speed at which is required to cover the entire Bible in a year through its various methods. I thought I should share them with you as some of you endeavour to choose the perfect plan to begin on January 1, 2008.

Before I move on, let me just add that you will experience innumerous blessings when you sit and read the Bible everyday. God can speak through ways you’d never ever imagined when you read His word. Feed on it like food is to your soul. It’s not difficult to cover the Bible in a year. I’ve done it.. and I’ve experienced so much through it. Now I’d like you to take up that challenge with me for the year 2008. There are many plans out there to choose from – some a greater coverage than others. Here are some examples:

Plan 1: Through the Bible


Simple plan. Simple layout.

Reading from both Testaments simultaneously.

I’ve done this before. As you can see from the graph, there is much of the Old Testament to be covered within the year, therefore the load of the passage to read a day from the OT can be quite heavy in comparison to the NT.

But it’s simple.

Plan 2: M’Che

yne Reading Plan


I did this for the year 2007. Only one more day to go!! šŸ™‚

It takes you through the New Testament and the Psalms twice and the Old Testament once in the year.

I loved it. It added a lot of variety to the day’s reading, so it doesn’t get too boring reading from the dry passages alone. It was also good to reminded constantly of the New Testament and the ever-uplifting Psalms regularly throughout the year.

The only reason why I’m not repeating this plan for the year 2008 is because I want to try something different and well, I was looking for a more concentrated reading a day in which I can easily ponder on that single passage a day rather than trying to think about 4 different passages which I’ve read that morning. It can sometimes get confusing reading 4 different stories at once.

Nevertheless, great reading plan. I’d recommend this if you’re up for a slightly more challenging year. It may feel overwhelming when trying to catch up if you’ve missed out several days.

Plan 3: One Year Bible Plan



Slightly similar to the above, but this brings you through the OT and NT once, the Psalms twice and a little dose of Proverbs a day for the entire year.

Haven’t tried this, and I really like the fact that there is a proverb to think about everyday.
Plan 4: Daily Reading Bible


Also very very similar to the M’Cheyne Reading plan, which brings you through the NT and Psalms twice and the OT once in a year, but if you look carefully, you’d see that you will have three passages to read at a time, in comparison to the M’Cheyne where it’s four passages in a day, which means there are two OT passages and two NT passages to read in a day from M’Cheyne’s guide.

This has a more straightforward approach. The reading rate and bulk of OT and NT in a day will be somewhat similar and not lopsided like the Through the Bible Plan where the OT takes on a greater bulk than the NT in a day (we’re looking at the slant of the lines when we talk about bulk).

Plan 5: Chronological Re

ading Plan


This has caught my eye. Reading it as it was written… like a history book. According to the timeline of when the books were written. It truly helps when you’re trying to grasp when and what is going at that point in time of history. Extremely useful when reading of a prophet who existed the same time of the king which was written of in another passage. Great for comparison.

Looks really cool in that the psalm from which was written with that background story is inserted together with the background… to enhance the understanding of why the psalmist said what he said, given the circumstances he was in.

Plan 6: Victory Reading Plan

I don’t have a graphic explanation for this but I’ve read that this plan allows you to have a few days off the routine of reading to just ponder on the week’s passages and reflect on those which had some impact. I like the fact that there is some allowance of free days to just reread and rethink. I’m trying to get hold of it to view the details…but I can’t find it online. A kind guy is sending it to me just as I write this. But doubt I’ll receive it before January 1. Oh well.

There we go.

A whole selection of plans to choose from. The different methods of eating a pie, but still eating and finishing it nevertheless.
Let’s make it our new year’s resolution to read the entire Bible for the year 2008. It’s feasible. This is a resolution which you know you can complete for the year.


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