Hole in my door

Some not-so-great things happened yesterday and in my daze from the situation accidentally locked my keys in my room just before heading back to uni for afternoon class. GREEAAT. I’ve never been so careless and it just had to happen on my second last week before I leave Batu Pahat. Got back from class in the evening and my housemate helped me destroy my door knob, pretty much to bits. Well, at least that fixed my problem…for now. I couldn’t imagine spending a night without a door knob and a hole in it!! Temporarily stuck a paper to cover the whole and used a chair to shut the door. Thankfully it was an on call night and there wasn’t much hours to sleep anyway!

A kind friend helped buy a cheap door knob in replacement for it. I decided to work on fixing it by myself. I know… I know to some of you out there, this is such a terribly simple task…but it was my first time! I got it fixed and am proud of myself. At least now I know how to fix a missing door knob. Now, to those of you who have not tried installing one yet, here’s what you need to do….


   You need to start out with a missing door knob.
   That’s the key idea. (no pun intended)




Next, buy a new door knob set.
This is called the latch. Mount this to the door first (I never knew that!!)



Then detach the door knob piece by using the tiny ‘key’ that has been given to you and unhooking one of the knobs out….so you can slide the piece through the hole (!!)
It should look like this. Remember, the key hole side has to face the outside of your door and as you slide it through, make sure the mechanism of your latch hooks through to the mechanism of the knob (it’s beyond difficult to miss!!).




Insert the knob which you have removed earlier and snap it into place.
Voila.. and I’ve got a door that’ll nicely close and lock me in my room for the night.

I deserve a pat on my back. *pat*


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