P.S. I Love You

Back in those days studying medicine in KL, one of my closest friends, Leesha was super gracious to allow me to read this book by Cecelia Ahern…


and I loved this book to bits. If you’re looking for a good book to shed some tears… this would be it. I have never really REALLY teared and laughed while reading a book until I engaged in this one. I literally could not put the book down. It was so heart-clenching and warming in the same time.

Guess which page did my eyes started to become teary?

Page 6. Yes! You read it right. PAGE 6 and I never stopped tearing after every other chapter since. It’s just the way she writes which draws the reader into the story and you can literally feel what the main character of the book felt, in her struggle to come to terms with the loss of her husband and starting life over. It was amazing.

Extremely well written book – of course, only for those who like reading romance and humour.


Then I saw this…


The movie version of the book! Y’ know there could be no better person to portray Holly than Hilary Swank (she was really talented in Million Dollar Baby)… and dreamy Gerard Butler as her husband was the perfect choice and the trailer also played one of my favourite songs by Michelle Branch – "Breathe".

I’ve read that it has already been shown in the States since December but there’s no news when the movie will be released here. How disappointing! smile_sad


I do hope somehow I’d be able to get a hold of the show soon…
I’m in a sappy mood and need some sentimental romantic movies to sniffle over.


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