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My blog has been up for about 34 months now… Yes, I took the time and trouble to count my archives. I looked up my statistics as of 11:10pm as I have had my page viewed 9043 times. Wow. This week alone 141 views. These may be small numbers to the professional bloggers, but for an amateur like me.. Wow. So if we take the total of 9043 times my page has been viewed and divide it by 34 months, there would be an average of 266 views per month. Now obviously that cannot be true. I don’t have such large number of readers. But to those of you who are reading this, just wanted to say thanks for your support and your continuity in sticking by and reading the boring boring thoughts I post up. Your visits are greatly appreciated. Do leave a message or two whenever you feel like it. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page, I’ve added a map of where some of my visitors hail from. Really cool feature!!


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