To the years ahead

ahh! Had meant to put up my batch picture with the previous post…but completely forgot about it then! Anyway, here’s a picture of the whole group of us (well, half of our original group which started out in 2003)… from the stay at Parit Othman.























Here’s to the two and a half years we’ve toiled at Seremban, and now at Batu Pahat together…

We have come this far, almost close to the finishing line,
Through exams (and more exams…and more exams), they just never ever seem to end,
From crazy first year medical students, now we’ve been refined,
To still crazy doctors, colleagues and most of all, friends.

To the road ahead, wherever it may take you,
Places far or places near, across the ocean or just next door,
Just remember, the passion and the reason to which this career and life we choose to pursue,
Carry it in your deepest core, as it transforms us to be doctors who are real and know what should matter more.

C2/05, thanks for your friendship and never-ending support.. and most of all, thanks for the memories.


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