RSS me!


Ha!! Bet you didn’t know you can…

Oh… You did? You have?
Anyhoo.. for the sake of those who didn’t they could or for those who do not know what it is… just follow the instructions given below:

1. Scroll to the portion on the right column of my blog where you will see the section as shown in the picture. See the word

"Subscribe to RSS feed"? Click.

2. Some page will show up asking you whether you want to subscribe to this feed. You click yes..or subscribe.. or whatever that says yes.

3. Now you will receive new updates from my blog into whichever program-which-you-should-have-somehow-in-your-computer whenever I have written something new! Yes. This is something you so want. It’ll save you time from checking back frequently whether I have updated or not (which of course, I will not stop you from doing. Feel free to come back whenever you want, read and re-read whatever inspirational (haha) things I’ve wrote. :))
Think of RSS like your regular Mr. Newspaper man who delivers to you fresh papers (if there is any) to your doorstep.

To those of you a-LITTLE-bit-outdated people, who didn’t know that RSS actually stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and not "Repetitive Strain Syndrome" or "Rigid Spine Syndrome" or better still "RuneScape Signatures" (which I think my sister would know!),
here and learn up!

"…do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength." Nehemiah 8:10b


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