Tragedies after the other

Bus accidents in the past 3 months (from Nov 2007 to Jan 2008)
Bus accidents in the past 3 months (from Nov 2007 to Jan 2008)

When I should be working on completing my portfolios, I spent the morning searching out all the bus accidents which seemed to have grown in number recently. I’ve collected them through my search in The Star newspaper online and have plotted them on the map for you to view the locations and shocking number of accidents, the number of people who have died and been injured from bus accidents alone in the past 3 months. Here’s a timeline of the accidents which have occured and the headlines in relation to bus transportation which I thought were noteworthy to be read amongst the accident stories. Full stories can be read when you click on the purple words.

Nov 3, 2007 Eight passengers injured when Royal Malaysian Navy bus crashed into ravine and overturned near Sungai Rengit, Kota Tinggi.

Nov 4, 2007Bus went up in flames, at least four cars smashed near Lembah Beringin at the exit of North-South Expressay near Ipoh. Reason? Bus driver tried to avoid a POLICE CAR which had collided with another vehicle. Reports said "No one died."

Dec 4, 2007Bus passenger broke his leg, twenty two suffered light injuries after his bus collided with a trailer, along the North-South Expressway, near Malacca. It was his first express bus ride.

Dec 11, 2007Seven killed, twenty eight injured in bus crash when bus crashed into back of latex tanker at the accident-prone Jelapang toll plaza. Bus driver’s last words, "Brek tak makan, brek tak makan! (translated: The brakes are not working!!)".

Dec 12, 2007Penang bus drivers lodged reports against other drivers for threatening them bodily harm. Used bus to threaten other drivers.

Dec 14, 2007Motion to discuss Jelapang’s toll plaza accident rejected by the House of Parliament. Deputy Speaker Datuk Lim Si Cheng says it’s "public importance" but "not urgent". WOW. Amazing.

Dec 14, 2007Nine injured (one with fractured skull) when their bus collided with a cement-laden trailer along the North-South Expressway near the Jawi toll plaza, close to Nibong Tebal. After the accident, bus’ spare tyre fell off and injured a motorcyclist.

Dec 18, 2007Nineteen injured when their express bus crashed into the back of a latex tanker, near Sungkai, along the North-South Expressway.

Dec 22, 2007Car driver killed when oncoming tourist bus crashed into him, near Butterworth, along the North-South Expressway. 6 passengers from the bus injured. Bus driver was not. Reason? Front-right tyre of the bus punctured and bus driver lost control.

Dec 23, 2007Two men killed when an express bus ploughed into them when they were fixing a stalled car along the emergency lane along the North-South Expressway, near Seremban.

Dec 30, 2007Man burnt to death and another fractured his legs when his car parked along the North-South expressway emergency lane was hit by a bus rammed into him, near Batu Pahat, along Ayer Hitam and Yong Peng.

Jan 2, 2008Man died after involved in a road accident with Rapid Penang bus in Teluk Bahang in Penang.

Jan 6, 2008Fourteen injured when bus hit divider and crashed into another car on the opposite lane, near Ipoh Selatan toll plaza along the North-South Expressway. (What are dividers for?)

Jan 10, 2008Bus operators want to increase bus fares. Claimed reason is increased fuel and inspection price.

Jan 18, 2008Long distance bus fares going up, possibly by 100%. (Thank goodness I’m moving out from Batu Pahat soon!) Will people ever use buses now – in view of the number of accidents, the danger.. and now the increased price?

Jan 22, 2008Two killed, two injured when speeding express bus plunged into ravine, near Johor Baru, along the Kulai-Johor Baru highway.

Jan 25, 2008Three died, nine injured when double decker express bus driver lost control, skidded, slammed into divider and landed on its side, along the North-South Expressway between Slim River and Behrang. Driver gets a broken leg. Three passengers of oncoming car injured.

Today (Jan 28, 2008)’s headlines: Robbed of bright future. Medical Student Lee Nian Ning 21 year old who was involved in Jan 25’s bus crash. There seems to be a closer connection to her in that we’re both medical students. Somehow I can really feel her family’s loss. It’s a lot to lose, not because she’s a medical student, but I can understand the sacrifices her family has made to put her through medical school, and the sacrifices she’s made to get into it and the loss of such a bright future for her. She wanted to be an orthopaedic surgeon. It would have been my choice too (if I were bigger and taller). My condolences to her family.

What does our Deputy PM says? Or rather what did he say in March 2006(Click on the article for a larger view)


What did he say in January 2008, twenty two months later? Read. You judge for yourself. 


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