Last night in Batu Pahat

This is insane. It’s 3AM, the night before my job interview, and I’m racing through my assignments like there’s no tomorrow. So tired. How am I going to be alert tomorrow.. or rather in several hours time?

Sigh. My room’s all packed up. Looks exactly like it was when I first moved in. Reminded me a lot of the first few days I stepped into this town. For one thing I can tell, I definitely felt different then than now. So much has happened within the span of these 5 months. A lot of hard reality hitting facts. Some good ones, some, well, not-so-good ones. As I packed up my things, really was reminded so much of the past. A lot of memories. Been through a lot. Argh. ok ok. I’ll shut up now. Had in mind to write something more concrete and meaningful, but I think the late/early hour has gotten into me and my thought process. I’m not making sense. I think I should hit the sack for a few hours of sleep or I will babble nonsense to my interviewers… and to top it off, I have very poor proficiency in the Malay language. Sigh. More work awaits later.


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