"Are you here to become a model or a doctor?"
That was a paraphrase of part of what my interviewer asked me in my job interview. I could take it as a compliment that I look good enough to be a model on that day..but clearly it wasn’t meant to be a compliment. BELIEVE ME. I was dressed as formally as I know how without a coat.

I looked something like this…

My outfit was similar to the girl on the right, except that my hair was tied up neatly in a pony tail, I had a pink long-sleeves shirt on, black pants and a black sweater vest (something like the picture below).


Now tell me, how in the world did she perceive a model would look like? When she first asked me it, I didn’t know whether I should be tinkled pink or annoyingly red. Goodness! I tried my utmost best to dress as formal as I can, in the attire which I assumed would be worn by women who work in the office and she claims I’m inappropriately dressed? Okay. She’s the interviewer.. can’t do much about it. I won’t elaborate how far the conversation went into clothing and attire for work, but it pretty much evolved around conservatism and my upbringing. The beginning of the interview clearly did not start in the best setting and so it affected me quite a bit for the following unrelated questions, although I felt it wasn’t fair that there was only one untold acceptable dress code for women. I shall reserve my comments on the mood and tone of the questions which followed. Let’s just say I really did not expect my first job interview to take place like this. Oh well, it’s over now. Just got to accept it and move on.


5 thoughts on “Interview

  1. heya woman! i think it is a compliment, or maybe she was just saying that cause she "intimidated" by the vest (i don’t think she is aware of the rule–> "one should not mess with the vest"…. what a silly lady!)anyway don’t worry dudette, i have confidence in you! *hugs*

  2. Haha, I suspect I know why, but I could be wrong…

    Most fresh graduates today, and many those from good family background, well pocket moneyed and pampered by their well to do parents, are in no hurry to get a job.

    And if they do look for one, some will expect high pay and little effort. "Your office so far…", "Ha? must do overtime one ah? Got pay or not one?"….etc

    A lot of fresh students I have interviewed came late, didn’t show up, or were not even dressed properly for the job. See how some of the senior youth dress on sunday (I mean when they try to dress formally to play for worship), compared to Peter TK Lee..etc, you know what I mean.

    So I suspect your peers may not have made the effort to dress up for this interview, compared to you. So they will say…wah…dress like model ah?

    Or maybe its a compliment…you try to tone down so much, but still look dazzling enough for them to make that comment…

  3. Ah. I should have elaborated more about the interview. Jon, there’s only one interview, to test our eligibility for government service – not which hospital I’ll get – it’s not ministry of health related AND with the pressing need for doctors in Malaysia, all of us actually pretty much got our placing for a job. 🙂 So it’s no big deal actually…unless I happen to be rejected for being inappropriately dressed! haha
  4. That was totally unprofessional and irrelevant! Mg… absolutely shocking… but yes you’re right, just forget about it and concentrate on the next one. God will grant you the best place for you to be a doctor =) Just got to be positive and persevere!

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