XP vs Vista

On Sunday, I had a look at my blog through an XP computer for the first time in many months and was quite surprised to see the fonts so distorted! Sorry XPians, I work through a Vista module which allows me a lot more choices on really good fonts. So here’s some suggestions to temporarily solve the problem (that is, if you have difficulty reading some of the paragraphs):

1. Get a Vista operating system installed. It’s not terribly expensive… and I really like its features. There is quite a comparable difference in the feel and experience when working with XP.

2. Download the fonts I have been using through websites which offer free fonts. Try to get these fonts which I’ve used quite a bit: Calibri, Segoe Print and Segoe UI.

In the meantime, (IF I have the time!) I will look for a program which can embed my fonts on to the website, then you can read what I had originally design the entry to look like. If I have the time… sigh.


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