(Warning: Some pictures below are of non-halal content)

Yes, I have guiltily spent the last two days in Singapore. Well, it’s an extremely rare occasion for my family to ever go on a holiday and so I grabbed this opportunity to spent time with them and other families from church. First day – shopping on Orchard Road, second day, Singapore Zoo (just to please the kids). It was really fun… saw a lot of Singapore and the thought of applying for a job there was very appealing (everything looks so good there), but I’m still having second thoughts in view of the language barrier. I’ll probably just write up on the random photos I took…so here goes.





PS I Love You is going to be screened in Singapore!!!! I have checked and it doesn’t look like it will be coming to Malaysia 😦

WHY?? *sigh*




AH! Here’s pictures of one of the highlights of the trip – dinner at much-hyped-up-place-to-go Tony Roma’s.



It’s situated near Orchard Road, opposite Hilton Hotel, tucked away in a nice corner. The whole bunch of us were the only Chinese people in the Caucasian packed place.






I THINK this is the St Louis Pork Ribs. We had pork ribs the entire night – this dish and the other Baby Back Ribs. Wow. Pretty amazing experience. Of course we had the Onion Loaf and Garlic Bread for starters. OH! I forgot we had fish and chips there too.

My take: They were really good ribs. I’ve had a similar wonderful experience eating ribs in Nashville, Tennessee and the taste was somewhat comparable to this…only that I had my own big plate of ribs to myself in that restaurant in Nashville and I didn’t have to share with anyone.

Loved it. It is a recommendation and apparently there are franchise shops in Malaysia but they would only serve beef and not pork ribs…but still, they’re all good.

Here’s my finished plate with the cleaned up bones.


Here are two pictures at Tony Roma’s. I have intentionally made the people pictures smaller as I have embarrassingly gained a whole lot of weight, especially over the Chinese New Year. I am waiting for the big group picture from an uncle from church.








Another apparently Singapore-famous place to go is a tiny little stall in a marketplace at Loyang where they sell nasi lemak, where sometimes you have to queue one whole hour for.












That’s some of us lining up to try Singapore’s standard of best nasi lemak.












Well, it seems that the good part of the dish is their fried chicken. This plate would cost you about $2.50…which is very reasonable to me (according to Singapore standards, actually most of the food things in Singapore are reasonable, provided you earn there)

My verdict? eeehh.. it’s so so. Sure, their chicken’s great and it’s fried just well enough so that the meat is still tender…but I think I have eaten better ones in Malaysia. The sambal which is always my favourite part of any nasi lemak dish was also just okay. It wasn’t spicy enough. Haha. Looks like I have high expectations on food.



Here’s a drink which is also pretty famous in Singapore, which I have never tried in Malaysia before.




This can of drink costs $1 which is really cheap compared to the $1.60 for a can of 100plus.

Yuck. Really. Blergh. Tolerable with salt…but not something I would order for a refreshing drink. Yuck.






Believe it or not, I have never tried pomegranate before. In all my life of reading the word in books, I have never actually seen the fruit or even tasted it. Well, there will always be firsts and this was it for me. It actually tasted quite good…but it’s quite troublesome to eat it as each tiny little piece has a seed in it which you need to spit out. An aunt commented that it was too much of work for so little reward…which is so true!



Alright. Not much interesting shots left.. here’s some random pictures from the zoo with me and my three models.

P1050585 P1050595P1050649



Outside the toilets in Singapore zoo’s award winning open/garden concept of washroom. Interesting.






Now, if some of you have been reading the news, Singapore’s most favourite animal, their mascot, Ah Meng passed away at the age of 48 last Saturday. It was quite a headline there. Read how Singapore mourned her death here, here and lastly here. Wow.
The impact an animal left on so many people.

Anyway, we managed to visit her funeral site and they chose a really good spot to bury here…right in front of a beautiful lake.




















I left Singapore with really sore feet – been walking on heels the entire two days.
It was good to have those feet rested in the 5 hours plus journey home to KL. Probably won’t return to Singapore in a long time.


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