To those of you who don’t know me very well, I usually release my frustrations and distract my sadness by immersing myself with plenty of household chores – cleaning, washing, ironing, you name it. Apart from the fact that I have an obsessive compulsive disorder (which I will dwell more in another post another day) I personally do think that it is a great way of de-depressing because:
I benefit in return with a clean place and clean stuff
I get to lose some weight (especially when accumulated from Chinese new year!)
3. I don’t have to interact with anyone when doing the chores, thus expressing myself freely without restrain.
4. the only objects abused are probably brooms, mops and dirty cloths.
5. the angrier/sadder/frustrate-er I am, the better I clean.
6. when I get all tired from the work, I can easily sleep without having to think too much before bedtime.

These days have been difficult – a lot of worries, heartaches and disappointments from various different situations…one after the other after the other. Last night was one and the ultimate mother of all bombs came in an email which I received at about 3 plus in the afternoon. Not new news, but a painful reminder of the hurt which still is within me.

Hence, the long list of chores I did today. It has been a very productive one, I should add. From the several hours I had since morning, I’ve…

1. chauffeured my sister back and forth from school (I’m officially her new driver now)
2. chauffeured my brother to the train station for work (also becoming his new driver)
3. hung, dried and folded all of last night’s laundry
4. washed everybody’s bed sheets (with the machine of course) and hung them out to dry in two loads
5. vacuumed and mopped my entire condo
6. cleared out all my trash from my bedroom and neatly arranged my sister’s and my table

7. washed my car and its mats AND vacuuming every piece of dirt including the trunk (something we don’t do on a regular basis and my car is EXTRA sparkling clean since it was done after reading the email)
8. made dinner for my family (I didn’t know I could do it either.. and mind you, it’s not instant noodles)
9. washed the dishes and the pots and pans (which is my regular chore anyway)

Based upon the list of what I’ve done, you’d probably be able to gauge how ‘ughs’ I’m feeling and how much I needed to do the chores to calm me down. Now the danger to it is that I would certainly run out of things to do… such as tomorrow, since I’ve basically cleared out my home. When you run out of things to do, then you’re made to sit and do nothing and the thoughts just start rolling and running horridly. SO… I’ve made a short list of a few things which I could do tomorrow…

1. Go to the post office and settle some stuff (I wanted to do that first thing this morning, but somehow things didn’t work out that I could go in the morning)
2. Help my mom iron the clothes (there’s a huge load since she has been very busy lately)
3. Possibly make more meals (lunch, dinner… dessert anyone?)
4. Help dad update the church directory for publication
5. Fix the home computer (not my laptop… something’s wrong with the network connection -I have no idea what, but that’s a good thing. Time is spent finding out)
6. Help my brother settle the logistics for the upcoming youth camp which really needs urgent attention
7. Help my sister with homework (Actually, I don’t even mind doing it for her! Anything to get me busy…!!!)

Do you need help? I need chores to de-stress. Help!


4 thoughts on “Chores

  1. get well soon..^_^ *hugs* if u need anyone, u’ll know who to look for… eventhough i cant be with u in KL, but i’ve good eyes and ears.. hang in there girl
  2. you can come clean my house i dont mind haha… or do my work.. also dont mind.. lol =P
    hey, hope you’re doing alright there, if you needa talk or anything, i will be listening..
    take care.

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