Looking for a new place

I’ve been thinking of moving my weblog out of Live Spaces for quite a while now, but haven’t quite decided where to move to (although I’ve already started really checking out WordPress). The thing I really liked about Live Spaces is that it alerts those on my msn contact whenever I have updated my blog. Another problem would be transferring all the data and posts I’ve had since I started to the new site – which I have no idea how to. I’m looking for a place with really cool themes, great layouts and easy accessibility. Am wondering if there might be a blocking feature too. I’m not sure.

Anybody has any good suggestions as to where I should move to?


One thought on “Looking for a new place

  1. hey lydia! I’ve also been thinking of moving away from blogspot.In fact, I’ve already signed up for wordpress yesterday but still don’t have the time to post anything yet. So far WordPress seems promising! Maybe you should try. =)

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