Malaysian General Elections

57340932March 8, 2008 will be the day Malaysia decides the direction of her future…. and I get to be a part of it! Ever since I was a child, I’ve been counting the years until I will old enough to vote and when it was announced that elections were drawing near, I made sure I registered myself as a legal voter as soon as I could… and the opportunity is finally here.

Even before my exams back in Batu Pahat I’ve been reading a lot of political news online – both from the mainstream media and alternative news sites and I gotta tell you, politics is one very interesting field to be in. All the drama, people, issues and noble talks. The situation in Malaysia which I read was not surprising to me, but what took me was how much length certain groups of people are doing to uphold justice, equality and creating a safe environment in our nation. I didn’t realize the numbers were that great… or possibly because of the many years of exposure to the internet, many have come to realize the real picture of our nation’s policy and economy. Of course, not forgetting the events which took place prior to this – such as the Bersih rally (in pleading for a just and uncorrupted election), the Hindraf rally (where Indians plead for equality) and of course, who could forget the famous VK Lingam’s case (where the judiciary system is questioned).

I’ve read enough, seen enough pictures and heard enough to make my decision. Actually most of the news I read can often be so disheartening that there were times I felt like I wanted to run away from my own home country… but then again, which country is ever free from problems? But come Saturday, the people will have their chance to speak out through their votes.

Let’s just pray that this elections will be fair and clean, that the people will vote wisely based upon real circumstances and not based upon empty promises and that the nation can move forward. Can’t wait to vote!!

PS: I was very disappointed when the Election Commission decided to cancel the indelible ink system. I really wanted to have it on my finger. Anybody ever wondered why it was cancelled so suddenly a few days before elections?

(Oh right, there might be a strong possibility that I will move to WordPress soon…not yet, but soon. Am trying to research and get that new home ready for moving in. Keep checking back for updates. Thanks!)


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