what’s going on…

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the lack of activity these few days – have been involved with so much – physically, emotionally and socially. It drains me out that I barely have the time to sit down and write at the end of the day. It’s a good thing though. Not complaining… as you would have read before. It’s good to forget the troubles.

Anyhooo..so what have I been up to lately, you ask? Well, first of all there’s the first experience of being a legal adult. What, do I hear you say? Why, voting as a citizen of Malaysia, of course! What else? I was excited as a little kid when I drove there and doing everything by myself (which isn’t much, actually – doesn’t take an adult to figure that out!).

There’s the typical party booths outside the polling station as expected. I was quite surprised at the amount of policemen who were assigned to secure the place. Perhaps there’s a lot of tension and fear in the air…but I was giddy with delight as I stepped into the school. I was ready to make my voice heard… on a piece of paper.


This was the voting paper for the Cheras constituency. Now, if you do your math and calculate the margin slide at which the winner got his victory, you could most probably guess correctly the percentage of Cheras people who favoured the winning party and its rep. Now apply that statistics to the likelihood of which party I had voted for, then I don’t have to show you the picture of my voting paper with the cross mark. lol. I know I just wrote a messy incomprehensive paragraph, but it doesn’t matter to me at the moment. Just glad that the results reflected the true voices of the people of Malaysia. Now I just pray that those who had won would use their given powers wisely for the benefit of the people. You can be guaranteed that I’ll make sure the person I voted for does his job… even if it takes me writing to him a letter or two.


OK. That probably just occupied you for a few minutes in one day, you say, what else could possibly make you so terribly busy that you can’t afford to write a sentence or two on your blog, did I hear you plead? smile_teeth Welllll, there is a new addition in my life. We met just last week, already my hands are full with caring for him. He’s so cute and adorable, but more often than not, I’ve been left quite irritated with him and breathless just trying to catch up with him. At this point, we’re just planning for something temporary. Nothing permanent has been thought or planned out. Things could change, but so far, so good… I hope. I don’t know. We’ll see.


Who could it be, did I hear you bursting out in question?

Well, it’s none other than….


him. I’ll write more about him soon.

Based upon the poll results on your right (so far), it seems that there are some who would prefer for me to stay here in Live Spaces? Why laa? I’ve been busy prepping up and decorating my new home. It’s not going to be anything fanciful and it’s going to be downright simple. But really, I’d like to know why some would like me to stay.. those of you who voted, email me! I’d really like to move though. Get ready to change the link on your RSS feeds. Will write whenever there are updates on it! Thanks!



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