Can’t think of a good title

I haven’t been in the mood to write… well, actually I have, but so often at times I wished that I had made an anonymous blog instead so that I can write whatever I want about whatever I feel concerning so many personal issues instead of having it known that this is written by… a Christian, a doctor… a pastor’s daughter. Sometimes I just want to burst forth with all the frustrations without having to care less what image I’d give out! Then the senses start knocking in and the urge to write and rattle everything dies. Then I’m left with nothing to write. WELL, actually I do. A lot of things happened in the past few weeks that are worth writing about, yes, even some good things. But I couldn’t show that all is well by posting up good things. Things could have been better, that’s for sure. WAY better. A lot of ideas didn’t go through as planned. Sigh. But what can I do? I’m stuck in this crippling position and left to survive. See, don’t you just wished that you’re reading this without the pre-conceived idea that this was written by somebody who’s in church now? Shocking isn’t it? Pastor’s kids should write happy jolly goody stuff. Not about dark experiences, hurts and horridly saddening bits.

Right now. I don’t quite care.

Another piece of news to note. A houseman from Seremban Hospital died in a car accident. Post-call. Probably out of fatigue, fell asleep at the wheel, crashed behind a lorry transporting chickens. Died on the spot. That could well be me. Knowing my not-so-great driving skills, the inevitable post-call hours, the much needed drive back home… the possibility of that doctor being me is high, I’d think. Oh well…

Zero four zero four zero eight are significant numbers. Remember it.


2 thoughts on “Can’t think of a good title

  1. Vincent says:

    In preparing for Sunday Class this week…I learnt something…it hit home..hard….

    That when we face suffering, when we are down, when bones ache, when sleep departs from the eyelids, when the mind is depressed when head turns…ah, it is that time, that we realize ” My Saviour, I see a little of the price you paid that redeemed me from going to hell…to God be all the Glory!!!”

  2. I am also a PK although my Father is now retired. I think people are starting to back away from the unreasonably high expectations put on the Pastor’s wife and kids but not so when I was growing up. The church didn’t recognize the importance of family and the Pastor having anytime to be with them. I am very happy churches are more aware now and Pastor’s are fighting for time with their loved ones.
    I think it’s a misconception that we as PK or believers should hide our problems. This is not healthy and it doesn’t really help others to think they have it all together why can’t I? In our weakness, HE is made stronger.

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