Pleased to meet you, WordPress

Welcome to my humble home. I see you had not taken long in your journey to arrive here. Just a click away. It’s a simple place. Please… make yourself comfortable. I hope you will stay longer than you planned to and will return whenever you want. If you have not changed your bookmarks, RSS feeds and links to this new weblog address, perhaps I could advise you to do so now. You won’t receive any updates back there at Live Spaces anymore.

Yup. As you would have guessed, or rather been forewarned, that there’s nothing new or extravagant here at (which I didn’t realize was completely different from WordPress(.org)!). But then again, I’m only at the beginning stages of getting to know WordPress and becoming familiar with him. It has taken me awhile though… perhaps because of a lot of shortfalls which I did not realize I would meet from this blog service provider.

The biggest obstacle of the move at the start was figuring how to bring all my furniture, luggage and ‘memories’ from the old place to this new one. I couldn’t find an option of transferring all the past entries and I felt it would have been such a waste if I left all my thoughts from the past few years to die there at Live Spaces. All could do was transfer from the more famous sites such as Blogger. It was a miracle that I found a code written by a genius and the other part of the miracle was figuring how to work the code as it was written in a completely new programming language which I was unfamiliar with (Anybody ever heard of Python scripts?)! To those of you who are thinking of moving out of Live Spaces to WordPress, I highly recommend you try this out. The code may be found here. Here’s a screen snapshot of what I had to do. Yup. I had to work it from our good ol’ fashion Command Prompt. It’s amazing how I still remembered my computer language back from primary school.. with all the cd/ and dir and all of those little codes!


Now I had all of my past (good, bad and all that) brought here, it was time to decorate….until I found out that blocks out all Javascripts! Argh! Does anybody understand how crippling it is to make anything look good without Javascript or Flash? Apparently, by allowing these scripts, it creates a loophole for hackers to enter and mess up every site within Oh well, I made a commitment to move here, I figured I was going to stick with it and come here anyway… with or without my beloved Javascript. Therefore as you can see, all the applications in the sidebar are extremely simple. Basic boring HTML image type of simple. Oh well. I guess the best security system for my blog will have to be my consolation.

And there you have it… my new home. I’m still working on beautifying it. Difficult though since I’m limited to only simple HTML…but I guess that will have to do. Moreover, you’re not here for all these fancy things, are you? You’re here for me… and I thank you for all that.

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