What has the world come to?

OK. Let’s put the plans on talking about my new ‘toy’ and all the plans of ranting and writing my life stories on hold for a little bit today. I just read on MSN of 8 American teens who will be tried and charged as adults for a horrific crime they committed. It’s shocking. Extremely disturbing acts.

These girls (YES! Girls! My eyes nearly popped out on reading that it’s girls) lured a school mate into a house and upon arrival, they hit her repeatedly (ok. I got to be careful of describing too much here). ANYWAY, they hit her really badly despite pleas of letting her go. Then they posted the video of the assault on YouTube, just because. Just because. Just for fame. Just for ‘popularity’. Oh my goodness. I could just gape and wonder what has our world become!?

Then I tried looking it up on YouTube after watching snippets of it on MSN.com. [*WARNING: It’s a disgusting video. ONLY go if you think you can take it.] I tried looking up for more videos on YouTube and as I was watching somebody commenting on it… I saw this banner by the side of the video.
(Click on the picture for larger view)

you’re doing something RIGHT.”

OK. That is a bunch of nonsense right there in one sentence. I did not click on the advert to see where it would lead me…but here I was reading about girls who deliberately beat someone up to post up on YouTube to be popular, and then I read something like that, my heart just sank and I felt like puking. It seriously sickens me that these are the kinds of messages that are displayed on YouTube, no wonder, teenagers would commit crimes that are inhumane.

Sigh. This world needs Jesus. Period. 


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