The woman I thought I could admire

I’ll never look at Oprah the same way again. I grew up watching her talk shows and always feeling so inspired by her generosity and care for those who need help whether by counseling or financial means. I loved watching the episodes where she’d give away gifts to her audience, or when she helps some poor village in Africa or when she helps obese people lose weight. Despite some negative remarks I’ve heard from various people about her power, I had brushed it all aside because I felt she was different. Sure, she was one of the richest people in America but she used her money to fund many charitable organizations. Sure, she was one of the most powerful women in America but she used her popularity to reach out to her viewers by imparting what I had thought good advice.

I’ll never look at Oprah the same away again after watching this video. My dad first told us about this at one of our home cell meetings 2 weeks ago…but I only managed to view it proper today. What an eye opener. Her thoughts and views upon life and death were so different from mine. She was imparting knowledge firmly based on the New Age Movement where the world revolves around me and that I am in control of my life. This is where Oprah and I part.

I’ll never look at Oprah the same away again.. and I hope you will too.


7 thoughts on “The woman I thought I could admire

  1. Teck says:

    Wow that was a eye opener about Qprah I never know that about her
    there has been alot of signs lately leading up to the end times

  2. Teck says:

    Hi this is Belle Teck’s girlfriend I think that video is so wrong, that she needs to get a real good look at her self and what she thinks is right in this day and age. We are told that JESUS was the one and only (Bible) NOT yourself in which Oprah thinks. We are told that our lord and savior died for you and I not we died for ourself. So keep on believing the true that JESUS has sent forth for us though the “Bible”

    P.S. I feel sorry for the millions of people that she leads astray.
    Thank you for posting this video,

  3. jonathan says:

    that was a really heartwrenching video to watch. and to think she has the power to influence so many millions of people around the world with that view of hers. sigh. the irrepairable damage…

    i just hope family, friends and the future generation stay strong in the midst of all these twisted alternative ‘truths’

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