Oily hands

I think I might actually really like to cook. A lot. OK. Before we start jumping into conclusions, I still don’t know how to cook. I’ve just tried my hand on a few extremely simple dishes…but that’s it. So this is not some extraordinaire speaking about finding her passion for cooking. It’s been a very intriguing experience so far. Sort of like learning chemistry in a lab. A little bit of this and a little bit of that mixed into a large pot with some fire from our ‘Bunsen burner’ creates this delightful aroma and exquisitely delicious taste. Ideally, of course. Most of what I’ve done has some burnt smell in it. đŸ˜†

One ingredient which I’ve become quite fond of is olive oil. The simple taste of it bursts out as the oil seeps through the meal in which it was prepared for. More than just its remarkable taste, its presence in our history has been more prominent than we noticed. You may look up some of its history here.

One could practically dash olive oil in practically anything (except Chinese dishes I think.. haven’t quite seen any recipes which lists olive oil as an ingredient!) from spaghetti to pastas to tuna dishes and even salad.

Now recently my family was given a bottle of special olive oil to try out – its difference? The addition of truffles. Nope, not the chocolate truffles I initially thought it was. The expensive fungi. Yup, those that you read in one of your childhood novels by authors who grew up in farms and you recall reading one of the children collecting truffles. That kind of truffles. Had my first try.. and I cannot even begin to describe the taste of it. It’s just… different. Weirdly different. But intriguing. Interesting. But very different from our usual kind of normal tastes we have immersed our palate with. You got to try it to understand what I mean.

My experience with cooking has been fun. Thank goodness of my tolerating family who would eat through what I’ve made! Thank goodness none of us had a reaction to the food eaten too! Hmm.. talking about food is actually quite fun too. I might just do that more often. We’ll see. I’ve got so much to say. So little time.. actually plenty of time.. but also lots of work.

Speaking of work. I got offered a job I didn’t need to sit for an interview for… or even apply for! Going to be helping out in a booth at a convention for software engineers next week. Here’s a better bit: I was asked to emcee the whole 2 days event! Oh my. My knees started to quiver as I heard the news over the phone. Yikes! ME? I mean, I don’t mind doing it.. but in front of hundreds of engineers who speak waaay better than I can and probably some press people and maybe a big shot or two. Argh! ME? I mean, I’m just a fresh grad who has-totally-forgotten-all-her-medical-knowledge-because-they-vanished-during-her-lazy-holiday. I know nothing about software engineering except the name Microsoft. Thank goodness for scripts! I wonder if engineers might be amused with one or two doctor jokes? *shrugs*


One thought on “Oily hands

  1. Truffle Oil Man says:

    I passed a bottle of the truffle oil to my italian chef friend. I didn’t know it at first, but he told me that it was a very very good oil. He has truffle oil in the kitchen, but the aroma and flavour is nothing like the one you have. Enjoy.

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