By request, I’ve been asked to talk about him. Apparently, I had left the story midway and some were inquiring to know more juicy details. Well, to be honest, life hasn’t been that great. Not easy at all. He has been a rascal – disobedient, very dirty and hungry. There were moments when it was ok and I was pleased but other than that, yikes.

He has changed a lot, I must say. Compare. So much that I think he’s not recognizable anymore. Maybe.. maybe not. I don’t know. But I’m actually really glad he’s not around for now. He’s off vacationing in a house far away. I bet the grass is greener on the other side. I bet the people there around him are friendlier and nicer than I am. Some of the guys want him back but definitely not me. I’m figuring ways to get rid of him to find him a better home… still can’t think of a good plan.

I’m suppose to be working now. Eeeks.


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